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Christmas is the most joyous time of the year. Christians are enthusiastic about Christmas celebration. They eagerly wait for this festival and especially kids. Christians play Christmas games and sing Christmas songs to celebrate it. They arrange big parties and decorate their houses. The atmosphere during Christmas is filled with great happiness. Christians know the importance of Christmas celebration well all across the world. Even if, it is right that Christmas festival is celebrated as the day of Christ’s birth into the world, still it also represent a deeply important reality of spirituallife. Christ is personification of religion. He was born at the time when superstition, hatred, greed, hypocrisy and ignorance prevailed on land. Purity was forgotten and ethics were ignored.

Seeker in that period has no thought of spiritual life and even God. He lives a life of greed, deluded attachment, jealousy, anger and lust. When the seeker wants to enter into a new religious life of purity, devotion and ambition, Christ spirit should take its birth within his heart. This is the real Christmas if divine element starts expressing itself in the man’s heart. From onward, light starts to shine where darkness has no place. Christmas brought transformation in the life of many people.

Small but wonderful point of deep significance is connected with Christmas celebration. It is the time when all Christians come together and celebrate Christmas with great zeal. Christmas brings happiness to the life of Christians. The deep significance related to Christmas indicates the religious awakening comes to seeker, who is ideally humble and poor in spirit. Quality of true humanity is fundamentally crucial. Then we find out holiness, renunciation and simplicity for the pride of learning. Although, Christ was born indefinite to the world and in the darkness, the advent of Christ spirit takes place in an individual’s inwardness when there is complete self-effacement.

Christmas celebration reveals that people from varied religions take part in the celebration of Christmas same as the Indian Christians do. Due to European influence on country, religion has spread around the country. So, Christmas is celebrated around the world. Several of the rituals of Christian festivals have been modified to suit the climatic conditions of land. Christmas festival is the most crucial festival of Indian Christians. In India, Christians adorn mango trees rather than conventional pine tree. They light tiny oil-burning lamps as Christmas adornments and fill churches with red flowers.

As a part of Christmas celebration, Christians also exchange gifts with their family members, relatives and friends as a token of love. People adorn Christmas trees with beautiful decorative items. Christians in South India put small clay lamps on rooftops as well as walls of their houses same as Hindus do during their festival named Diwali.

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